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Harvey Zipkin,  "The Diver."

Harvey Zipkin, "The Diver."

Born in Brooklyn New York, Harvey Zipkin attended Hofstra University and have also taken professional courses in Photography at the School of Visual Arts. For the past Two plus years Harvey has been a resident artist at The Bakehouse Art Complex in Miami, where he continues to do his own work as well as collaborating with and learning from other artists.

Since the late 1960’s Harvey have been a photographer with the goal to emulate the masters of photography, that since the late 19th century have depicted the life of the people of their generations. The likes of Stieglitz, Frank, Bresson, and Levitt, have been just a few of the people that have enlightened me to record the lives of the people of his generation for future generations to enjoy.

Visiting museums and studying the work of the old masters of art and also the modern masters, trying to see the way they look at things, has also inspired Harvey.

Harvey hopes through his work that he can leave a lasting impression of the people of his generation for people in the future to see and enjoy.

Leah Guzman, "Three Graces."

Leah Guzman is a Miami based dynamic, contemporary oil painter and sculptor. Her abstract and figurative works are richly symbolic, spiritual and organic. Each piece reflects Leah’s curious, explorative, youthful and novel view on the world; each embodies an inquiry – soulful, scientific, existential or otherwise. She draws on the mythological, the biological and the visceral for inspiration and guidance.

The theme of head-heart balance runs through Leah’s work. In Greek Mythology the Three Graces are goddesses of gracefulness, the charms of beauty, and cheerful amusement. They were once worshiped for their loveliness. The Greeks believed that without gracefulness, all labor was in vain and meaningless. They were characterized as the spreaders of joy and enhancers in life. In this painting of the Three Graces, Guzman portrays the virtues of heart, soul and mind. Two coquettish women direct their gaze at the viewer while the third in the center is contemplating making a decision. She is harmonizing between her passionate, intuitive soul versus her analytical, practical mind.

You can view Leah Guzman's art at GAB Studio, 225 Northwest 26th Street, Miami, FL 33127


Facebook: Artist Leah Guzman 

Twitter: leahguzmanart

Andrew Reid,  "Miami Swirls."

Andrew Reid, "Miami Swirls."

Emphasizing creativity and effort Andrew Reid's visual art encompasses many mediums and approaches: from the massive: figurative murals, graphic building wraps and cast fiberglass forms to printmaking and an upcoming graphic novel. He has successfully completed projects in public buildings throughout the USA as well as collaborated with private, corporate and non-profit entities.

Originally from New Zealand, now living in Miami by way of New York. Andrew's company she-d.com is focusing on projects around Miami's ever-growing art scene. From his workshop in Little Haiti he is creating murals in the "MAX gluton" series that will be completed in public during the five days of Miami Art Week/Art Basel. Meanwhile he is putting the finishing touches on a second carved hardwood conference table commission.

Earlier this year Andrew created two different murals in Little Haiti, "People Pattern" and "Get to Zero," as part of an urban street project through ArtBeatMiami commentating on social issues that stigmatize the areas. Up the road in Davie, Florida Andrew has just completed a mural at the Old Davie School and Museum for Broward County Arts Council. "A Living History" is a true community mural that is the reflection of research and public input.

Amauri Torezan,  "Shangri-La."

Amauri Torezan, "Shangri-La."

Amauri Torezan is a Brazilian born artist currently based in South Florida. Inspired by the work of the pioneers of abstract art, Torezan developed his unique style creating hard-edged compositions, flatly painted on a variety of backgrounds.

In his paintings, geometric and organic forms seem to be floating around each other evoking  a sense of depth, as though the shapes were eternally suspended in space. The strongly contrasting colors enhance the dramatic and exuberant effect, creating an overall sensation of blossoming and burgeoning life. Torezan has shown his work in many prestigious exhibitions including, Art Wynwood 2015, LA Art Show 2015, Parallax Art Fair London, and Conception Gallery during the Art Basel Miami Week 2014 . 

In December of 2014  he collaborated with the master sculptor Gino Miles, painting one of his sculptures for  Global Code Project. Since then, the sculpture painted by Torezan has traveled many cities in the United States engaging the youth to communication through the visual arts. His artwork is currently part of private collections throughout USA, Europe, and Brazil.

Gianna Veno,  "  Let Me Take A Selfie"

Gianna Veno, "Let Me Take A Selfie"

Born in the United States, Gianna Veno is an emerging artist who considers herself an Infusion Artist. Her art is an invitation to step out of your reality and into hers. It's a reality infused with colors on colors on colors, painted brilliantly with oils and acrylics and infused with molding paste, sand, and gel to bring the canvas to life in 3D. Gia, as she’s known to her friends, believes that her art is an adventure for your senses that represents her passion for life and her infectious energy for creating. She pours that passion and enthusiasm into each of her pieces and wants her fans to feel that energy whenever they experience her work. Gia’s style is influenced by her love for world travel and as a student of art, her techniques draw on past masters ranging from Monet and Picasso to Warhol and Van Gogh.
Gia’s projects aren’t just limited to canvases, however. She has expanded her creative endeavors to begin infusing select real-world items with her signature style and energy. To date, Gia has created totally unique, one-of-kind, wearable artwork on mediums such as skis, purses, and shoes. She is also collaborating with other artists and photographers on infusion projects, including some for Art Basel Miami. Gia’s work is being showcased this year throughout the United States, in New York, Nashville, Miami, Seattle, and Pennsylvania. 

Joel Gaitan,  "  Los Aguacates, La Tortilla, Y Los Capullos."

Joel Gaitan, "Los Aguacates, La Tortilla, Y Los Capullos."

Joel Gaitan is mixed media artist based in Miami. Architecture, nature, technology, and culture are his muses. The sources for his work represent hidden emotions and firsthand experiences. These self portraits study the matters of faith, sexuality, and self identification.

When creating these pieces, sounds have a huge role in identifying colors and provide release of emotions. Combining ideas of interior and exterior design to creating different characters based on issues, to combining Nicaraguan culture and the modern world, allows viewers to question their true self which is what Joel focuses on.

Instagram: @Lymphvessel

John Zoller,  "Deeply Shallow."

John Zoller, "Deeply Shallow."

John Zoller regrets having been born in the cultural wasteland that is Trenton, New Jersey, but recognizes gratefully that that fact fueled his desire to be an artist. The themes of perception surrounding the concept of art have always captured his imagination, and been explored in his work.

John Zoller is an awarded graduate of The School Of Visual Arts in New York City. He currently lives and works in the greater Miami, Florida area. He is currently working on his Painting Drawing Series, and the Color and Learn Series. 

Troy Simmons,  "BOTANY."

Troy Simmons, "BOTANY."

Born in 1975 in Houston, Texas, Simmons has an educational background in environmental science and architecture. His work is influenced by nature and the Brutalist Architecture movement of the 1950s.

Simmons’ recent exhibitions include: ART PARIS (2015), DURCHBRUCH
Solo Exhibition: Chelsea New York (2015), BURST: University of Miami
Wynwood Gallery (2015) and the 63rd Annual All Florida Exhibition: Boca Museum of Art (2014).

Simmons is currently represented by JanKossen Contemporary Art (Basel, Switzerland/ New York) and has been a Resident Artist at Bakehouse Art Complex since 2013.


I tell my life story through concrete, color fields and abstract organic forms. They help express my thoughts and beliefs, serving as a narrator for my day to day experiences. Through my current work, I explore social behavior, depression, relationships, aging and prosperity. My personal experience with these topics help fuel my passion to create art that exposes the stable coexistence of different entities.

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