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Since 2015, #SAVEARTSPACE has transformed 35 advertising spaces - in New York City, Miami and Los Angeles - into Public Art by and for the local community. 

Please join us for an Artists Reception on Friday January 20th from 6pm - 9pm at Superchief Gallery, 739 Kohler St, Los Angeles, Ca 90021

#SAVEARTSPACE is bringing public art to Los Angeles, showcasing 10 local artists - Danielle Garza, Lois Keller, Jung Yun, Gaetanne Lavoie, Shark Toof, Pascaline Doucin-Dahlke, Lucinda Luvaas, Deborah Farnault, Shula Singer Arbel, and Frankie Carino - on advertising spaces throughout the area beginning January 16, 2017. The event is organized and curated by #SAVEARTSPACE co-founders Travis Rix and Justin Aversano.

This exhibition is entitled, “We Only Have One Place To Live.”  The artists responded to the most important global concern, which affects all of us—the current and changing state of our natural environment. Recently, scientists and researchers identified that we are now living in the first epoch in Earth’s history where our environment is being actively changed by human activity across our planet.

“We Only Have One Place to Live” aims to explore the tension between human society and the environment; between static and change. This exhibition asked local artists to voice their passionate concerns about how environmental change is affecting our globalized society and also the philosophical and existential questions that arise when we are both the problem, and the potential solution, to the crises our world faces.

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