Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My Art was featured on your Instagram page, What next?

A: We utilize Instagram to raise awareness for both our organization and emerging artists, as so, we feature a new artist everyday. If your Art is going to be displayed in the public space, you will be notified two - six weeks before hand. Please see our Exhibitions page for more information and stay tuned for our next open call.

Q: What is the $10 submission donation used for? 

A: The $10 submission donation allows us to purchase the advertisement space and install the art. If one cannot afford to donate, please submit your art via email to Subject: (name of open call, and the city you live in).

Q: How do I get my Art on a billboard?

A: Look out for an Open Call in your area. See Submit for more info.

Q: How Many Images May I Submit During Each Open Call?

A: 1 to 10

Q: What are common billboard / advertising platform sizes?

A: Billboards - 22'x10', 11'‘x6’ Bus Shelters - 69"x48" email for more sizes.

Q: Do you have any Volunteer positions available?

A: Please see our Volunteer page for more.