Your Art New York

Ken Lavey, New York City

Ken Lavey, New York City

This is your opportunity to have your art displayed on advertisement space in New York City! All artists are encouraged to submit!

Deadline to Submit: Oct 15th.


Fragments of Content

Fragments of Content seeks to use the digital medium of the Internet, manifest in the physical world, to explore this liminality in our shared experience online, examining the juxtaposition of how rich and valuable the Internet can be and how dangerous and deceptive it can become at the click of a link.

Deadline to Submit: Nov. 10th

Your Community

Ashley Brossart, Louisville, KY

Ashley Brossart, Louisville, KY

SaveArtSpace will be transforming advertising spaces into public art in local communities across America! All artists nationwide (Including Puerto Rico and US Territories) are encouraged to Submit!

Deadline to Submit: Nov. 30th.

More Open Calls Coming Soon!