#SAVEARTSPACE: The Future Is Female

#SAVEARTSPACE brings public art to New York City, showcasing local female artists on advertising spaces throughout the area beginning June 26, 2017. As an arts organization, we feel that it is our duty to align and ally with the broader artistic community to create exhibitions that address intersectional concerns which can spread a message of progressive and positive social change and empowerment.

Deadline to Submit: May 29, 2017

#SAVEARTSPACE: Your Art New York

Have your Art Display in New York City this summer! It doesn't matter if you’re from New York City or not, this is your chance to have your art displayed on advertising space in the largest city in America!

All artists nationwide are encouraged to Submit!

Deadline to Submit: June 30, 2017

#SAVEARTSPACE: Your Community

#sAVEARTSPACE will be transforming advertising spaces into public art in local communities across America! All artists nationwide (Including Puerto Rico and US Territories) are encouraged to Submit! All artwork will be featured on #SAVEARTSPACE Your Community.

Deadlines to Submit: July 31, October 31, January 31 and April 30