Brooklyn/Detroit-based public art non-profit SaveArtSpace and Bushwick Community Darkroom are pleased to present “SAS x BCD: BOS’19” public art exhibition, curated by Lucia Rollow & OK McCausland. The selected artists are Michelle Amirault, Victoire Mandonnaud, and Joseph Miller.

During the week of September 16, SaveArtSpace will launch public art installations for each selected work on billboard ad spaces throughout Brooklyn. An pop-up exhibition with the original artwork will mount at Bushwick Community Darkroom, 110 Troutman St, Brooklyn, NY 11206 on September 21, during the Troutman Street Festival.

Selected Artists

Michelle Amirault,  Venice, 2019

Michelle Amirault, Venice, 2019

Public Art Location: Grand St and Catherine St, Brooklyn.

Through the lens of her modest Canonet G-III QL17, Michelle Amirault captures the vibrant, sometimes chaotic, sometimes dull, moments of a constantly moving city.

You can connect with Michelle on Instagram at @ma280.

Joseph Miller,  Figure 0015

Joseph Miller, Figure 0015

Public Art Location: Morgan Ave & Stagg St, Brooklyn.

When asked to describe myself or give a bio, i find it really difficult to answer. my interests // inspirations are forever changing and my personal life is a thing i don't feel i should have to share or use as a weapon to sway an opinion of my "work".

Artist statement: girl of my dreams - james clarke

You can connect with Joseph on Instagram at @Okjoemiller.

Victoire Mandonnaud,  Artificial intelligence

Victoire Mandonnaud, Artificial intelligence

Public Art Location: Grand St and Catherine St, Brooklyn.

Victoire Mandonnaud is a French artist born in 1998 based in New York City. She works with different mediums, including photography, writing, filmmaking and painting. Her work mainly deals with social norms, constrains and structures, making multi-faceted arguments for the emancipation of thinking and freedom of action and against the mental impoverishment and sclerosis of the human social beings.

She is currently working on the development and financing of a mobile application for wealth redistribution based on her manifesto “Art as the premise for policymaking”.

Victoire Mandonnaud recently graduated from the International Center of Photography in Documentary Practice and Visual Journalism after hopping on and off different disciplines and schools including Jacques Lecoq International School of Theater, Atelier de Sèvres, Paris 8 - Saint Denis.

You can connect with Victoire on Instagram at @vmandonnaud.