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Artist Bio
Nicolette Battad is New York City born and Detroit based artist and illustrator. Her work is largely influenced by deep dreams and the unsettling visitors you meet there, dark heroines with striking garb and third eyes. She moonlights as a freelance artist whose work is featured on album artwork and skin. For Nicolette, creating art is a means to achieve a subjective balance away from her day job as a transmission engineer. 

Artist Statement
Nudi I was created after my recent discovery and fascination of Nudibranch. These sea cucumbers and jelly-like mollusks are whimsical, colorful, and carnivorous — Here, embodied by an equally colorful and carnivorous protector who’s hungry for some snacks and a fish taco.

You can connect with Nicolette on Instagram @ette.n.

Nudi I

Nudi I

1528 Gratiot Ave, Detroit, Mi