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Natalie Foucauld  Inner Circle

Natalie Foucauld Inner Circle

Natalie’s artwork will be on view on bus shelter ad space starting April 1, 2019 and will be on view for at least one month at NW 62 & NW 22 Ave, Miami, and NW 71 & NW 14 Ave, Miami.

NW 62 & NW 22 Ave, Miami

NW 71 & NW 14 Ave, Miami

Natalie Foucauld aka Le Poodle grew up in South Florida as a first generation Puerto Rican and Haitian American. Her mother put her in art classes from a very young age after a pre-school teacher noticed her drawing abilities and recommended that she hone that skill. Natalie would get bored easily and luckily she was given the opportunity to jump around between music, art, reading, poetry, dance, and sports as a child—as long as she had good grades of course. She eventually studied fine art at A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach. It was here where she truly was able to develop her technical skills as a visual artist. She was also able to expand as a person after being exposed to so many different kinds of artistic mediums and peers from many different backgrounds. After high school, she had decided to go on and study nutrition sciences at Florida State University. At this time, she was not painting as often, although if you look at her old chemistry notebooks, you can see them covered in doodles. She moved down to Miami to study at Barry University for physician assistant (PA) school. The intensity of PA school definitely took a toll on her and she was yearning for something to relieve this pressure, yet could not put her finger on it. She realized she was always going to music shows and concerts, supporting her friends and constantly digging and discovering new music. On a whim one day she decided to pick up the guitar and make a song from a poem she had written. Since then she never looked back and proficiently learned guitar, bass, keys and how to record herself at home, while also fronting a band she formed called Cloud Solo. She also goes by her solo artist name, Le Poodle, often. She completed her doctorate in medical sciences this past year, while also working as a PA. Today, she expresses herself through music, art, and other pathways.

Connect with Natalie on Instagram at @le_poodle.

Curated by Joel Gaitan

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