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Jie Ren    Detour

Jie Ren Detour

Jie's artwork will be on view starting January 1, 2019, at 74-35 Grand Ave, Queens, and will be on view for at least one month.

Artist bio / statement: “This image comes from my biographic graphic novel Detour. Detour is based on my experience as an international student. I came to New York with my artist’s dream. After a few years of struggle, my career has not only improved, but I have lost in this steel city. Two years ago, my friend Shang and I crossed United States from New York to California by hitchhiking. I explores questions of identity, the meaning of life, and alienation through an odyssey across an American landscape that is at once hospitable and hostile.”

Jie studied visual storytelling and received his MFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2018. His work can be seen on book covers, magazines, and websites.

Connect with Jie on Instagram: @kidrenjie


Curator: Brandon Sines

Connect with Brandon on Instagram at @BrandonSines / @Frank_Ape