Brooklyn-based nonprofit SaveArtSpace is pleased to present "SaveArtSpace x Imaginary Clouds" a cross-media exhibition and public art exhibition curated by international street artist, Pyramid Oracle & Philadelphia native, & co-owner of Contra Galleries Matt McGlynn.

The exhibiting artists include Kathy Lieb, Sam Pullin, and Peter Walski.

During the week of April 1, SaveArtSpace will launch public art installations for each selected work on advertising spaces throughout the Philadelphia area. A weekend pop-up exhibition will mount at Imaginary Clouds Collective, 1714 N. Mascher St. Philadelphia, PA on Friday April 5, with a reception set for that evening at 6-9pm. 

Selected Artists

Sam Pullin  Meat Person

Sam Pullin Meat Person

On view at I-276 & 2nd St Pike, Southhampton, PA.

Sam Pullin is a multimedia artist working in Jersey City, NJ. His work centers on the concepts of urban life, social decay, and the position of human beings in the broader universe.

You can connect with Sam on Instagram at @bedbugs_in_love.

Kathy Lieb  Elemental

Kathy Lieb Elemental

On view at N. 1-96 at Exit 6, Chester, PA.

Kathy Lieb is an abstract artist working in acrylics and mixed media.  She grew up in Philadelphia before moving to the suburbs.  At times, the grit of the city finds its way into her work.  She works intuitively, without a preconceived notion of where the painting will go.  Joan Didion wrote “I write to see what I’m thinking.”  Kathy’s philosophy is “I paint to see what I’m feeling.”  It becomes a conversation with the canvas, teaching her to slow down and listen to what should come next.  Her paintings are gestural and painterly, with an emphasis on mark making.  Her process involves layering, scratching, dragging and dripping paint across the canvas until the meaning is revealed.

Kathy is an art teacher by day, sharing the joy of creativity and self expression with her elementary school students.  She hopes to inspire her students with her passion for art.  In her free time, she pursues her own creativity and has taken classes at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and Fleisher Art Memorial.  She has been taking classes at Fleisher for the past 25 years. She has shown her work in Fleisher’s gallery, and won an award for abstract painting.

The connections between the painting process and life never cease to amaze her.  Painting has taught her lessons on overcoming fear, letting go, taking chances, and being in the moment.  It has also taught her that it’s never too late to do what you love.

You can connect with Kathy on Instagram at @Kathylieb_art.

NVR NVR  Digital Burnout

NVR NVR Digital Burnout

On view at N. 1-95 & E. Allen St, Philadelphia, PA.

NVR NVR is a dream to give up or quit. We create our own reality in this digital hell scape we the call the internet. The imagery chosen is taken from pre internet ideas interpreted through todays twisted modern lens. We use varied ancient texts and knowledge to materialize the creations you see on our digital domain. The concepts we present are constantly changing as we acquire more information. Stay tuned in, while you tune out. Signed “Space Bones”

NVR NVR a member of Imaginary Clouds Gallery also has connections to screen printing, graphic design, logo design, label design, web design & an Adobe Creative Suite Wizard!

You can connect with NVR NVR on Instagram at @_Space_Bones_.