Cover Art:  David Nakayama

Cover Art: David Nakayama

2016 marks the long-awaited debut album from New York’s Flatbush Zombies. 

Following in the footsteps of acclaimed mixtape predecessors D.R.U.G.S. (2012) and Better Off Dead (2013), 3001: A Laced Odyssey is a career-defining album for the Produced entirely by Erick “Arc” Elliott, the twelve-song opus features emcees Elliott, Meechy Darko, and Zombie Juice in prime form. 

To best capture these larger than life personalities, the group enlisted the services of David Nakayama
(Marvel Adventures, Deadpool, Avengers AI, Big Hero 6) to create their epic comic book LP cover. 3001: A Laced Odyssey will be supported by a 45 city U.S. headline tour in the spring, and followed by an international headline tour in the Fall.

Courtney Mooney   "Souls of Lefferts"

Courtney Mooney "Souls of Lefferts"

Souls of Lefferts-- Seeks to preserve voice and identity of those in our community-- to share individual and collective stories; for all, the work is a call to learn from each other, and love the humanity of one another. All community members are invited for a portrait and to share their Soul. 

Courtney started photography less than a year ago, after falling in love with the creative process of analog photography. She continues to shoot film, process, and print in the darkroom. Her artist name, Lunasolo, allows Courtney to to capture her inner landscape and the world; she hopes it acknowledge's in part that the art, the work, the process and product is not hers-- It is always an interaction; a representation of intersection between oneself and the world; the human, the lens, and Soul, behind the camera. "There I see the human, there I see more of the human in me". 

As a photographer, Courtney is very much interested in documenting changes in urban landscapes and the complexity of human stories involved therein. She has a lot to learn. But she is working on this project and in the darkroom everyday; she identifies her work as a community photographer, taking from street photography and street portraiture. She wants all humans to be seen and represented in this space. She hopes the individuals photographed meet one each other through the public sharing of the art. Courtney is actively expanding her photography portfolio to include both artistic and editorial work.

Her images have been used as external media for various organizations in this community including, but not limited to the West-Indian American Carnival Day Association, Pels Pie Co., JOAN the band, and several others. 

Kae Gabrielle  "Flatbush"

Kae Gabrielle "Flatbush"

Kae Gabrielle (23 years old, Flatbush, Brooklyn) is an artist who works in a variety of media including tattooing, paint, ink, and digital. 

Her creations are an array of little stories and glimpses of her life, the things she sees around her combined with the psychedelic dreamlike images dancing behind her eyelids.  

She hopes to share these surreal visions with others and to inspire others to tell their own stories through creativity. Art is her mode of communication with the world, as well as a method of reclaiming personal power and strength.




25 Year old Photographer/Creative Director born & Raised in Brooklyn, NY. 

As an avid Polaroid Photographer, P.V. has been capturing & highlighting prominent artists of various mediums one Portrait at a time, using his SX70 Polaroid camera.