Brooklyn-based nonprofit SaveArtSpace has partnered with Harlem-based venue X Gallery are proud to present "Cultural Diversity" a cross-media exhibition and public art initiative paying homage to the rich heritage and diverse community of Harlem, New York.

Curated by Lisa Dubois of X Gallery, and Ademola Olugebefola of Dwyer Cultural Center, the exhibiting artists include photographer Ceres Henry, painter Tiffany B Chanel, and graphic designer/illustrator Rod Sanchez.

During the week of July 2nd, SaveArtSpace will launch public art installations for each selected work on advertising spaces throughout Harlem. The gallery exhibition will mount at X Gallery for the full month of July, with the opening reception set for Wednesday July 11th, 6-9pm.

Selected Artists

Ceres Henry  Adam Series

Ceres Henry Adam Series

This ongoing series features various Black and African men whose body I paint on completely, adorn with fresh flowers, and then photograph. The significance of this series is to highlight Black and African men as works of art to be admired, and celebrated, not feared, abused and looked down upon. This series counters the negative narratives and stereotypes perpetrated against them.

Bio: Constantly driven by the arts Ceres Dasia Henry pursued her passion at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she began her studies to prepare for the fashion Industry. In addition to fashion Ceres had an equal love for photography, so she took a course to sharpen her natural skills and educate herself on various photographic techniques.

During her education she was inspired and nurtured by mentor Norma Kamali, (F.I.T graduate, and designer featured on the Fashion Walk of Fam). Ceres later graduated with an Associates degree in Patternmaking, and received her Bachelors in Production Management. With valuable information learned, and hands on experience from internships at Sean John, Norma Kamali, and at Poppington Gallery with her cousin Damon Dash, Ceres was equipped with the necessary tools to be a designer and an entrepreneur. 

With the help, encouragement, and support from her parents, (whom are both entrepreneurs), they made her dream a reality by co-founding DIAJA, (pronounced Dee-A-Jah), a line featuring quality handbags, and fine apparel. Ceres went on to produce numerous collections which opened doors for her designs to be featured with L'oreal Paris, Pynk Magazine, Lucky Magazine, Her Source (sister magazine to The Source Magazine), and worn by celebrity TV personalities. 

Years later in the midst of revamping her brand, Ceres decided to fully dedicate herself to photography while maintaining her previous collections strictly for press pulls. She decided to merge her love for fashion, art (painting), and photography to create a brand that would be impossible to ignore. Within 2 year of revamping her work was recognized by Vogue Italia, Huffington Post, and numerous Fashion publications. She was also scouted by an organization called RAW Artists where she was their highlighted artist for their NYC show in 2017. Ceres' photography is known for storytelling through photographic series. These series' are often inspired by current events, Black and African culture, and social disparities. Her goal as a brand is to impact others, give back to her community, and give a voice and presence to those unheard, and overlooked. She prides herself in not only creative photos appealing to the eyes of her audience, but thought provoking photos that may not be as comfortable to view. Ceres' desire is that her photographic bodies of work will be remembered and noted among other great artists of all time.

"He can who thinks he can, and he can't who thinks he can't. This is an inexorable law." - Pablo Picasso

Ceres' art work is available for sale & she accepts custom orders: https://www.diaja.com/online-store

Rod Sanchez  One Vision

Rod Sanchez One Vision

“One Vision” celebrates unity. Can we visualize a world with no boundaries in order to find understanding, trust, and a shared imagination? As human beings, we have the gift of being able to see each other from within and create connections in between. To translating vision to action towards one joined spirit…

Rod Sánchez believes that creating art is not just an earthly practice, but a spiritual journey – it is a life mission in a profound belief for change. Rod strives to tap into the “collective unconscious” – in hope that the movements of the paintbrush synchronize with the mysteries of the cosmos to uncover larger undercurrents in the human condition that illuminate social, cultural, political, and spiritual truths. 

As our emotions speak through the body, Rod believes that if we consciously listen to the world, we can consciously speak through the world of art. Rod hopes to ignite a grain of hope, a seed continuing to grow in faith connecting the spaces between our hearts. By praying with the imagination, Rod, ultimately, and, humbly, strives to paint what God reads to him in a picture book…  

Bio: Rod Sánchez is an award-winning Artist, Graphic Designer, & Filmmaker, who is currently a Senior Digital Designer/Illustrator at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, a global educational and trade publisher. His illustrations have appeared on the covers of various cover jackets for several Penguin Random House – Knopf titles such as, Are We There Yet by David Levithan and Barry Boyhound by Andy Spearman as well as on various K–12 educational titles for Scholastic Inc. and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. He has received two Silver Design Awards by Create Awards for the illustration and design of the Random House Children’s Books – Fall 2008 Catalog Cover, and the sell-in brochure for Heck: Where the Bad Kids Go. Rod also illustrated the Baruch College (CUNY) The College of Possibilities 2010 – 2011 Campaign, which was published widely in Time Out New York Magazine, The Village Voice, Metro New York, AM New York, and printed on large-scale subway dioramas in NYC. Recently, Rod’s painted portrait of Diego Maradona was a winner in the International Illustration Competition hosted by Swiss fútbol magazine Tschutti Heftli – international jury members included National Soccer Hall of Fame member and Fox Sports professional U.S. footballer/sports commentator, Alexi Lalas. From there, Rod was selected to paint the portraits of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Colombia National Team for publication in the magazine in June 2018. 

Rod’s artwork has been exhibited in various international juried exhibitions including: the Bombay Artisan Semi-Finalists Exhibition (Rush Arts Gallery) and the Show Your World International Juried Exhibition (Gallery MC). Furthermore, Rod’s work has been part of numerous national and international exhibitions.  In the United States, his work has been exhibited in various galleries including: Palm Springs Art Museum, Lyons Wier Gallery, Rush Arts Gallery, Elga Wimmer Gallery, Gallery MC, Merseles Studios Gallery, Parsons Gallery, Penguin Random House, & Wexner Center for the Arts at the Ohio State University. Internationally, his work has appeared at The MECA Mediterráneo Centro Artistico in Almería, Spain and at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Granada in Granada, Spain in collaboration with his twin brother, Raúl Sánchez. His artwork has been featured in the animated short film Winged Painter, written and directed by Raúl & Rod Sánchez; the film was screened at numerous film festivals, including at the: Palm Springs International Animation Festival, New York Short Film Festival, & Orlando Film Festival, where the film was nominated for two awards:  Best Music Video Award and Best Focus on Art Award. Rod’s artwork has also routinely appeared in The Huffington Post alongside the writing of both, Raúl Sánchez, and colleague Dan Bullock. Additionally, his artwork has been featured in Making Music Magazine, Sonicbids.com, BroadwayWorld.com, The Irish News, and The Bleacher Report. In addition to Rod’s experience at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, his experience includes being a senior graphic designer/illustrator at Scholastic Inc., Penguin Random House, and Liz Claiborne Inc.

Rod Sánchez holds a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Design & Technology from Parsons The New School for Design and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Visual Communication Design with a minor in Spanish Language & Literature from The Ohio State University.

For more information regarding Rod Sanchez’s work, please visit www.rodsanchez.com & www.sanchez2winz.com

Tiffany B Chanel  Paola

Tiffany B Chanel Paola

“Paola” is part of an ongoing series that features your everyday women of color who inspire, uplift, and empower. She is a woman entrepreneur from a small part of Hati who came to New York to follow her dreams. While living in Harlem, she launched her head wrap line called “Fanm Djanm” in 2014. Her brand celebrates the strength of a woman while also empowering women to live boldly.

Tiffany decided to focus on painting everyday women who are present in our very own community who inspire many with their purpose and passion. She painted them just as she saw them; bold, vibrant, and powerful. This series was meant to bring more light to the women of color who are making a difference in so many people’s lives by using their voice, presence, and platform in a positive way. Tiffany believes that sometimes we focus so much on the people in the limelight and media that we overlook the phenomenal people that are right in front of us. For this reason, she chooses to paint portraits to simply say “I see you, and I appreciate you!”

Bio: Tiffany B Chanel is a self taught artist from Bedstuy, Brooklyn. Her passion for painting abstract art and wearable art allows her to create what her mind envisions by using every tool she can get her hands on. Tiffany’s life is driven by purpose and love. Summer of 2012 she started to create abstract designs on sneakers and on her birthday 11/5/2012, she launched her website promoting her creations. It wasn’t long after that her talent was the subject for media such as Essence, and News 12. This has led her to paint artwork for Iman Shumpert shooting guard for the Sacramento Kings, Sassy from VH1’S Black Ink, DJ D-nice, Pam Oliver, Lisa Price, Aisha Hinds, Ava DuVerney, and many more. She also did her first sports illustration in February 2018 for ESPN’s article on “The State of The Black Athlete”. When she is not working on a commission piece or preparing for a exhibit, you can find her hosting "Beyond The Layout" paint and sip events at her in home studio called Studio 422. Her art, teaching profession, and burning desire to grow gives her a definite purpose in life. Tiffany wishes to inspire and uplift others through her own experiences.

For more information regarding Tiffany B Chanel’s work please visit www.tiffanybchanelart.com