Toshiki’s artwork aired 50 times in Manhattan & Brooklyn during the week of Jan 7, 2019 on Spectrum and Vios cable tv channels.

Statement: There is a perceived gap between humans and our surrounding space, inanimate objects and the progression of time - as if we are independent of these factors. However if we are somehow physically entangled with all things that surround us, then how can I highlight this link in physical form? My works are an attempt at manipulating and the most basic elements of our existence to highlight our state of existence - to say that we are all a small piece of a larger thing.

Bio: Toshiki Yashiro is an artist working in New York City. He was born in Tokyo Japan, and raised in Boston MA. In 2014 he completed his MFA at Tufts University and the Museum School. He has been working mainly as a filmmaker and photographer while also maintaining his practice as a video artist. His artistic practice ranges from 3D installation to video projection and photographic prints. His dual-cultural background has made him particularly interested and aware of the importance of language and the role it plays in our daily lives. In 2016 he received the Traveling Fellowship Grant from the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and spent two years in Texas creating a new body of work while also writing, directing and producing his first short film.

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