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Head in the Clouds

Head in the Clouds

Artist Bio

Amy Smith is a self-educated contemporary artist. Born in New Jersey, but not built for the cold, she moved to Los Angeles where she found inspiration, mentors, and support in the Street Art community surrounding L.A. In her Collage Portrait Series, Amy Smith uses photography, hand cut stencils, and torn recycled fashion magazine pieces to simultaneously represent her love of fashion and her contempt for consumerism. Her intention is to offer viewers the opportunity to choose one’s own path of empowerment, leaving behind what society demands.

Amy Smith’s work has been featured in a number of private collections, residences, businesses, and in popular tv/film sets including shows like Dear White People, Key and Peele, Casual, and many others. 

Artist Statement

I am a photographer and artist. I also love to collaborate with very talented photographers. The inspiration for this piece was originally shot by a photographer Robert Bean Hammond. His portrayal and emotion with my muse Rachel Isabella was breathtaking. I created my own vision imagining serenity while being showered with positivity and beauty. This piece I named, ‘Head in the Clouds.’ My inspiration continues to come from strong women and street art. I focus on sharing powerful and positive messages through my art. I want men and women alike to see and feel strength in every portrait.

Connect with Amy on Instagram: @artbycolorscape.


Curator: Phil.V.

Connect with Phil.V. on Instagram at @pv.ny